Thursday, February 18, 2010


The New Year is upon us! And being that March is quickly on it's way, I suppose I'm a little late in saying this!

However - I've decided that keeping this blog up-to-date is going to be my New Year's resolution, which is starting today!

We just completed another Valentine's Day - which is one of the busiest days in the Flowershop throughout the entire year. This year was a little off, seeing as it was a Sunday. Rather than having one day of extreme chaos it was spread out from Thursday - Sunday. Regardless, we were busy and it was successful and that's what counts!

Most men go for the roses - RED. More and more however and going for the bright coloured mixed bouquets - which are always a good choice as well. I truly think that as long as the woman receiving the flowers gets something - things will be fine!

We're getting ready to gear up for another busy wedding season. Our first official wedding of the season is taking place April 3rd. I really am going to blog about our season, and post pictures etc of what's going on here.

I have a brand new website launching any day now, and there is a direct link to our blog from the site - so I have no choice but to keep it up now!

Our daily 'in shop' discussions these days are focused on the Olympic games - Go Canada Go!!

Of course we focus on the flowers of the games - and love the green bouquets that have been made for the medal winners.

In our Canadian Florist magazine - we saw that the ladies contracted to make the bouquets have to make 1800 of them! Good luck ladies!

Once Valentine's Day is over in the flowershop, things are pretty calm. We've got our store re-done for spring, and taking things day by day. We have a large gala dinner going on in March, but other than that, no real big crazy functions or events.

I visited the CGTA gift show in Toronto a few weeks ago, and ordered all of our merchandise for Christmas 2010. It is definitely an overwhelming experience, and no matter how many times I do it, it gets no easier. Wondering what colours people will like, how many of each item to get, which price point will sell - etc etc. Let's hope for the best!! A lot of champagne colours, bronzes, pewters, browns - really beautiful colour combinations! and we did well with those colours last year. People will think I'm nuts talking about Christmas this soon after we just finished one. Working in a retail store - the year flies by, and it's one of our biggest seasons, it just never seems to end, if you're not ordering, you're receiving shipments and pricing, organizing, making Christmas arrangements, planning a store layout, or actually selling it! ( the most rewarding part!)

I dont' have many exciting pictures to post, but I'll put one up of a vase arrangement we made last weekend - but more exciting things are yet to come!

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