Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Unreal decor at the Oakwood Inn Grand Bend

This one was a jaw dropper!!! 
Last June (2014) we were lucky to orchestrate one of the most fabulous weddings ever at the Oakwood Inn. We transformed the room, provided linens, decor, flowers, chairs, favours, charger plates, backdrop, Caesar bar, and even a custom hand written seating chart! You name it!!! It was absolutely breathtaking!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Ladies of VVF

Well.....we started out thinking it would just be something neat to do with some leftover flowers we had, then turned into this... Haha. 
Amanda and I are not fans of having our photos taken, actually we hate it and avoid at all costs. 
BUT our friend Wendy at Soul Photography is too kind for us to say no to, so when she decided to include us on all of the photos we just did what we were told. 
Being the unique girls we are, we decided we'd include some of our horse friends as floral models. The boys weren't overly impressed but did a great job for us. Please be sure to check other website!! www.soulphotography.ca

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Greenhouse Wedding, what a transformation!!!

Have you ever been to Heeman's Greenhouse just outside of London??? Would you believe that this is the same place?!? Last September we took an empty shell and worked a whole lot of magic, along with blood, sweat and tears, and made one heck of a wedding venue. These pictures from HRM Photography capture it all.....thousands of lights, hydrangeas, sequins, candles - just beautiful.