Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Trials & Tribulations of Delivering Flowers!

So! Firstly - Our new website has had great response!! LOTS of compliments! And what a relief to finally have things up and running. Thanks for checking that out!

What's new right now at the flowershop?? Well nothing too earth-shattering...however we've been quite steady with the usual everyday sort of stuff...and every waking spare minute I've had in my schedule has been filled with weddings, weddings, and more weddings - consultations, quotes and everything else in between - so we're definitely keeping busy!

This week we had the pleasure of doing all of the flowers for the South Huron Hospital Gala Dinner at the Exeter Rec. Centre.

Now - as lots of people in life have discovered before now, different jobs in this world usually have a lot more to them than just what meets the eye. Can I assure you - that working in the floral business is a perfect example of that.

Delivery has to be one of the most trying tasks we take upon ourselves please take note of the evidence in the photo! LOL!

We had to deliver 30 centrepieces for the gala, and lesson learned - we should of measured the centrepieces before we finished them! After attempting to put them in every vehicle we had - we had to resort to using the truck. No big deal right!? WRONG!!

If you're from the town of the Exeter, you'll know that right now Andrew Street is under heavy-duty construction, you'll also know that it is the only street that could take us from our store to the Rec Centre without using the Main Street. Needless to say - I rode in the back of the truck to secure the vases (glass of course!) while we created a makeshift parade downtown today!

Of course - I saw LOTS of people I knew walking down the street - as I waved to the children and the crowds, while Joanne drove 20km an hour through the empty parking spots on the side of the street. I'm hoping to make the front page of the paper next week, we'll just chalk it up to good advertising I suppose!

Regardless - everything arrived in 1 piece, and everything looked beautiful as you can see from the photos -

Secretaries Day/Week is coming up in the next month, and we've just finished our flyer of specials we're offering this year - If you're interested give us a call, we can send you one to place an order with!

We've also started a new promotion outside of our front door - selling flowers by the bunch. They're 'cash and carry' just bunches of flowers without greens or being arranged, but range in price from $10-$20 for a bunch (5 - 10 stems) and have tulips, daisies, gerbras and spider mums. So far it's gone over REALLY well!! Stop in and have a peek!

See you next time - hopefully not on Main Street!

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Krista said...

This is hilarious! Love it!