Saturday, May 23, 2009

Off to the Races

And so it starts.......

Wedding season.......

This weekend officially marks one month of straight booked wedding season weekends - already.
But the good news far so good! actually I still have people booking for this year - which is great. However - I'm starting to think I'm a glutten for punishment, I'm getting pretty full and am thinking I should start saying 'no' but I meet these brides and they're so excited for their weddings - and I just want to be a part of it!!! So anyone anywhere knows where to find me - Thursday through Saturdays - either chained to a workbench....or in a church or reception hall somewhere in Southern Ontario.

The past few months I have been doing my best to launch my new website - which is gorgeous, amazing, stylish, beautiful etc etc..... trying to bridge the gap between internet provider and website designer however is a different story - and I'm finding it difficult to get both worked out appropriately - but keep your eyes peeled, because once I get at it - it will be great!!

My latest challenge is revolving around a piece of fruit.....Preston Bailey - if you don't know who this man is, look it up.
He's one of the most amazing floral designers ever - he's the guy all the rich people and movie stars hire to do their functions and weddings.....I have 2 of his books -'Fantasy Weddings' and 'Inspirations' To be quite honest with you - it's like a floral designers porn!! LOL The absolutele most beautiful arrangements and colours you will ever see, and drool over.
One of his signature styles is to create sculptures of flowers - animals, fruit etc....
Now I am trying to figure out the mechanics of creating an enormous, 4 feet tall pineapple, made completely out of fresh flowers - sunflowers and palm leaves - it's a challenge.
The hard part if figuring out what to create beneath the flowers to shape the appropriate base - however working with small blocks of becomes complicated!
I'll keep you posted - trust me, one of these times, you'll see the picture on the Facebook group - and be in awe!!
On a personal note - I've become seriously addicted to the twilight books, and am now working my way through the 3rd's great - however I'm nervous about starting the fourth - as I heard it's the best, but don't want the saga to be over - it's like eating the most delicious dessert in the world - slowly and enjoying it, it's way more fun to inhale it! LOL
It's inspired me to think I should write a book - if I could get the plot and find time to write it...but apparantly my body requires sleep - so this becomes a problem

I've been working with my boyfriend on the yard outside our house - it's a slow process, and physically labour, using out entire wait to heave shrubs and growth out of the ground - but it's coming, our 'tamed' flowerbeds right now with nothing in them are an improvement.
My green thumb seems to be specialized more in flowers without roots - but I'm improving -

Keep checking Village Vines Facebook - for pics weekly - they just keep coming.

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