Monday, October 27, 2008

A New Season

I can officially say - that I have survived another wedding season - successfully. I can also say - that I don't think there's any quicker way to make half a year go by!!! This past weekend, I did three weddings - all of which turned out stunning, and is also the last weekend in our solid weekly bookings that began May 17. Now.....I have weddings booked for November, December January and February....but not the steady pace that has been taking place - so I feel a little less overwhelmed. So begins the Christmas season!!! Our entire staff worked their BUTTS off this past weekend, as we hauled hundreds of boxes up from the basement and filled the store with every sparkling gem jewel and bead you've ever imagined!!! It looks amazing!! I've shifted my focus from weddings to the holidays....for now anyways!

Let's - what's new here????

Well - our first ever Christmas design show is taking place next week. I've never done anything exactly like this - so we'll give it a shot. We're going to Ironwood Golf Club to present a design show, and all of the attendees will come here to the store afterwards, for discounted shopping, wine, food, door prizes....etc.etc. We've sold out of ALL of our tickets, and are expecting 135 people who have already purchased theirs and are commited to coming. WOW.

The WedLuxe magazine will be coming out shortly, I think they told me December?? Can't wait to see it!!~! We did some feature bouquets for it, that we had to DRIVE to Toronto for the photo shoot - but it'll be so worth it when they are published!

The bridal show the end of September was a huge success. We've booked several weddings from it, and will soon be thinking about the next one.

My calendar for November is quickly filling up with decorating dates -which is great!
I'm looking forward to trick or treating on Friday with my SKUNK!! Hopefully the weather turns out for the evening!

We've also switched the whole store over to a computerized order system. It actually makes life so much easier, gives us WAY more informations and keeps track of things much better than before. However like anything, it's taking a little time for everyone to get used to it...but it'll come!

We're participating in the Exeter Christmas Home Tour, as well as holding an open house at our Arva store on the 15th of November. This time of year is always SO busy!!
If you're bored stop by - it looks amazing, and although the front of the store looks great, the backroom and downstairs is a completely different story!

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