Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new Year!

Hello....to anybody who still checks and reads this!!LOL

I cannot believe that I haven't posted to this since October...I should definitely be ashamed of myself, because I love reading other people blogs and checking up on new happenings!!

So - my goodness where to start!!

2009 is off to a wild and chaotic start. I am full-blown wedding mania here these days, and are spending 95% of my time meeting with brides, pricing quotes, emailing orders and making appointments with people. I am proud to say I have currently booked between 50-60 weddings ALREADY for 2009 season. Not including the 6 we had between January and February (which is a lot for the off months)

We worked through and completed yet another Valentine's Day. Mind you this year being a Saturday, it was a little slower than last year, which is normal for a weekend, so we slightly downscaled our order, and still sold out and had a very successful Valentine's week/weekend!

Mind you - I also decided to take on 2 weddings that day, so if we were slower for Valentine's we still had just as much to do!

I'm glad February is winding up...as much as time flies, I'm looking forward to a change of seasons! A bit of spring would be a welcome change.

So...very exciting news!!

For anyone who knows - we're members of theweddingring.ca for the London region. Recently they conducted a survey of brides in the London area asking them who their favourite wedding vendors were and why. I t was advertised on the radio and through the web as well as ads!!

I was ecstatic to discover Village Vines was voted #4 of the top ten!!! We were the only florist to make the list - and #4 at that!! I'm so excited!

We'll be participating in the Ironwood Bridal Show again this year - check out the Facebook group by searching "To Have and to Hold Bridal Show" or go to http://www.bridaleleganceexeter.com/ for more info. It was a huge success last year - so we're definitely looking forward to it again. I have also been voted to be the MC for the evening - who is going to have a fair amount of speaking to do....so look out!!

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