Friday, September 19, 2008

Wow....I cannot believe it has been over a month since I have added anything to this!

In the last month....hmmm. let's see - we've done a ton of weddings - which, you can see all the pics on Facebook.

Last weekend we had 8, and delivered/setup all - and everything was perfect, what a relief!

This weekend we have one wedding - which is a nice break from the craziness.

Next weekend - we're participating in the Bridal Show at Western Fair - which is going to be awesome - for anyone who's going, my booth is going to be GORGEOUS!!! It's a lot of work though - and I've got a lot of bouquets and arrangements to make in the meantime.

As well, we have a wedding next weekend in London at the Best Western Lamplighter - which is going to be all beautiful fall colours - I'm looking forward to it.

Not only is all this going on - but WedLuxe magazine is having a photo shoot on Friday, and we were asked to create 2 feature bouquets to be in their next issue as part of an editorial or something....this is awesome - however.... we have to deliver the bouquets to a photo studio in downtown Toronto between 9-10am.....we'll see how that goes!

Anyways, before you know it we'll be switching the store to Christmas - and I can't wait.

I get all pumped up and keen about the change of seasons, and when I walk through the basement here and see numerous boxes of merchandise packed to the rafters....I just want to get it out and show people.

We're having a Christmas design show on November 3, which is something new that I'm trying out. It will be hosted at Ironwood Golf Club - and we'll be showcasing design tricks, different Christmas decorating ideas, and the lastest colours and styles in Christmas. After, we'll be coming back to the store for cocktails, refreshments, and discounted shopping!!!

We're currently selling a limited number of tickets for the evening, call if you're interested.

Personally, I'm happy because I love fall, from now until Christmas is the absolute best time of the year, I love the colours at work and outside - there's nothing better.

I'm possibly moving in next couple weeks, which I'm not looking forward to, packing and unpacking things, then deciding which cupboard or drawer to put it all in, it's exhausting.

I think moving has to be one of the most unpleasant things to do - but it happens right??

We have been booking weddings for next year like crazy!!! I can't believe how many weekends I already have booked for the summer, and even into the fall! It's great though - because that's the funnest part of a flower shop in the summer.

Well - check things out in the store - and Christmas will be out the last weekend of October.

As for me, what I think is a couple weeks, turns into over a month - so I will do my best to try and update this crazy blog a little more often than I have been, becuase of course with fall/Christmas season upon us I have WAY more spare time!! LOL!!!

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