Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yes I am still alive!! Everyone's been wondering where I dissapeared too, no pictures, no blog.......

Well.....besides being the usual - unbelievably busy - I was able to get myself "oh so very sick" and was no word of a lie - in bed recovering for 5 days straight.....actually the last 2 weeks I've been only here to do my wedding work and that's it!

BUT - I am now better than ever! and back at it full tilt.

I've posted up pictures to the Facebook group - of weddings the last weekend in July. The blue/green/ivory went to Stratford for Susan, the pink/browns/burgundy went to Janelle - in a backyard wedding here in Exeter, and the purple/green/ivory went to the Riding Club in Sarnia for Laura's wedding - all on July 26. It was a big weekend - and everything went perfectly!

In the meantime I made some AMAZING enormous dried/artificial arranged outdoor pots for a gorgeous home near Bayfield - I do have great pictures of them which are worth seeing....but they're 'on' my camera, not on my storage card, and currently my cable has been 'misplaced' somewhere, as soon as it shows up - they'll be up for show.

We also did 3 weddings Aug 2, Angela at Hessenland, Katie in London, and Kate at Oakwood in Grand Bend. Due to me being under the weather - I made an exit as soon as they were finished, and neglected to take photos to show you.

Last weekend we did Nicole's wedding in London - which was all purple orchids - which were gorgeous....again, forgot to take pictures.

BUT - this weekend, I am with camera.....and we have Tiffany on Friday night at Hessenland, Renee on Friday at Benmiller Inn, Terri on Saturday at Hessenland, Julie on Saturday at Oakwood, and Emily on Saturday in London.

Every wedding this weekend is completely different, we've got yellows and whites, pink roses, tropical and exotics, blue orchids and white roses, and artificial pink calla lilies.

I PROMISE to take photos - and they'll be WELL worth the wait!

You MUST make sure you get the next copy of the Wedding Ring's Bridal News...not sure when it's coming out - should be anytime - I was asked by the girls in charge if I could create 3 different bridal bouquets to be featured in the magazine in a floral trends feature they were doing for their next issue. I really created some neat bouquets, with lady's slipper orchids, de-petalled sunflowers, golden leaves......anyways - you get the idea - I can't wait to see the photos - I'm sure they turned out Incredible!!

Other than that....the weddings are still keeping us incredibly busy...and lately I've been spending a lot of time meeting with brides for next year!

Personally myself......Other than the odd pool date with my Isabelle - there's nothing too out of the ordinary. I've been spending my time recovering from the crazy virus I found somewhere, and have been trying my best to take it easy.

I can't believe summer is almost to a close....but in the same sense...our Christmas stock has been flowing in here like crazy, and it does get me excited for the upcoming fall/Christmas season here - it's always the most beautiful in the store.
Mark your calendar to check out the pictures next week from this upcoming Aug 16 weekend - there'll be a lot to see, and be absolutely magnificent.

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