Monday, July 21, 2008

Well......I said I'd try for weekly...right?? LOL

Let's see......where has the last 2 weeks gone. We've been going crazy around here that's for sure. Last weekend we did Meghan's wedding at Hessenland - if you check the Facebook group - all of the pictures are posted.......there's too many to put them all on here. It was absolutely stunning - reminds me of why I love my job. They just let me loose, and everything turned out incredibly. We've been doing weddings - lots of weddings. I'm working on 3 this weekend.

1 is in Stratford - Susan's having bright blue and green hydrangeas with ivory gerbras - it's going to be gorgeous.

2 is in Exeter here, and Janelle's having antique pink/burg/ touch of mauve bouquets to go with her chocolate brown - it's going to be amazing.

3 is in Sarnia - at the Sarnia riding club. I have to be there to set-up at 9 am on saturday.

I'm slightly nervous - I have a very small period of time to do all the decorating (mantle, 6 chandeliers, table centres etc) and I'm not really all that sure where I'm going - definitely going to be a mapquest job.

I posted a few Facebook pictures of some random bouquets......I'm pretty excited about them. They're being taken to Kitchener today to be professionally photographed for 'floral trends' article coming in the next Wedding Ring Bridal News magazine. I can't wait to see them!!!

Right now I'm working on some enormous outdoor decor pots for a lady's home near Bayfield - they're spectacular. I'm pretty sure I'll be delivering them in the next couple I'm going to get them there is another issue.......

I've also got 2 ladies homes I'm working on in London right now - doing some decor and floral pieces for them.

This weekend is sidewalk sales in Exeter - we'll have all of our odds/ends and stuff I'm bored with out on the street for half price. Check it out!

The girls are pricing more new Christmas merchandise right'll hate me for saying I can't wait until I can put it out!

You've probably guessed I don't have a lot of spare time right now by the sounds of it - which is ok.........I love my work!!

On a personal level.......well - I guess you can read it above. Working is about all I've been doing lately (other than sleeping and eating) I think I have a slow week coming up in a few......and I plan on getting out of town and disappearing for a couple days!!

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