Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So - last weekend - Melissa's flowers turned out STUNNING!!! they were absolutely perfect with her lipstick dresses........

and the absolute BEST part of my job is afterwards.....I received an email from the bride and groom thanking me like crazy for the flowers that everything commented on and loved!! That's what makes me come to work everyday - it's an amazing feeling.

This weekend we have Leslie's wedding going on Friday night at Windermere Manor, and Nancy's at Oakwood on Saturday - they're both somewhat similar actually - green and chocolate brown, - but Leslie's thrown in a touch of pink.

They're both getting really unique stunning centrepieces and bouquets with big fat roses and luscious (gotta love that word) hydrangeas.......I love my job way too much!

wait for the pictures they'll be great.

I've booked a couple more weddings in the last week - people who are still getting married this summer - just relaxed planners - I think that's so neat.

We've been really busy lately - we received an entire skid of fall merchandise - that we've got out in the store - it's beautiful stuff - really nice wreaths, garlands - cool ornamental pumpkins - I'm sorry i know you don't want to hear about fall coming.

Anyways - on an exciting note - I have been invited to be a 'Glitterati' member of WedLuxe magazine of Toronto and Eastern Canada. If you don't have the magazine get the magazine - at shoppers or variety stores - it's awesome.

I'm so excited we'll be featured in the next 2 issues.........I can't believe it - it's by invite only, I'm pretty flattered to be taking part in it!!

Personally - I'm afraid I gave birth to a frog. I took my baby girl to the pool this weekend at her grandparents house......she's addicted to water. This tiny little 15 month old girl LEAPS off the side of the pool into the water - absolutely no fear...it's all I can do to pull her out of the pool!

It just might be the cutest thing you've ever seen!!

Lastly - I'm quite tired today......my dad's 60th birthday is today, and I was up in the middle of the night decorating their lawn with spray paint and pink flamingos....it was good for a laugh!!

Have a great week!

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