Monday, June 30, 2008

Well - Happy Canada Day!!

We're open today....but I know some places aren't - apparantly the merchants in Exeter are closing tomorrow - so we follow suit.

Last weekend went phenomenally!! The Bellamere wedding with the wine turned out amazing!! The staff there while we were setting up were just in 'awe' of the funky centrepieces and things we did.....they'd never seen anything like that before!

Everything else went great....the pictures are coming - we had some camera issues this weekend, so I've got a few, but my staff have pictures on all of their cameras as well. Give us some time - they're coming!

So this upcoming weekend is Melissa's wedding at Bellamere Winery in London. She let me do whatever I wanted ( I LOVE it!!) So we're putting orange, coral and lime green and pink with her lipstick red dresses. It's going to be stunning - I can't wait to do her bouquets.

We've been so crazy busy lately...we can all take a breather here - now that grads, proms, etc. have wrapped up for the spring.

What's new?? Well - I've decided to change the front of the store, I want to take the steps out of the front....I'm sick of it. If you see me out front prying at them with a cro-bar, don't be shocked.

I'm doing paperwork today, it keeps piling up on my desk.

We also received 7 SKIDS of Christmas stuff this past week - I ordered 45 - 7.5' and 15 - 9' Christmas trees in. I've never done this before - but people ask here ALL the time if we can get them a tree, just because they're so good looking compared to the cheaper ones at the big-box stores. So....I ordered a huge amount of them, so I got a REALLY good deal - I'll let you know when we get them unpacked. We're going to start selling them right away, and we're talking GOOD deal. They're prelit trees - regularly $850 - We're going to be selling them for like $399 - they are the nicest, highest quality trees available - I scouted the entire gift show for them.

Anyways.... back to work - see you next week - Have a great Canada Day tomorrow!!

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