Monday, June 23, 2008

Well....another week where is June?? I can't believe this is the last week of the month! It drives me crazy how fast time flies!
I've included pictures of Kelly's bouquets from last weekend - and I actually saw some photos of them on Facebook with the girls and the dresses...they looked awesome! For any of you who are brides....PLEASE send me photos of the bouquets and the bridesmaids and yourself afterwards that your photographer takes. A photographer is something I am not. The professional pictures always look so much better than the ones I take.

This week is going to be absolute insanity. I always try to make myself scarce on Mondays, because if I don't, I'd be here 7 days a week.
Tomorrow I've got appointments all day, I've got artificial custom work that's calling my name, and I have Wednesday to prep for the 3 big weddings we're doing this weekend....which will occupy all of my time on Thursday & Friday.

The weddings this weekend are going to be great!!
Andrea's is at Bellamere Winery in London.....she was very open to letting me use my endless creativity. We're going with a really rustic/natural wine theme to compliment the whole place. The centrepieces are going to be interesting 'collages' of wine bottles, moss, bark, river rocks, dried pods, and orchids.....we're going to have big tubs of moss and wine bottles with tall James Storey orchids coming out the top of the bottles....with magnolia leaves, rusty calla lilies, mokara orchids in red and gold....OMG - it's going to be gorgeous
Lindsay's wedding is at Hessenland, her dresses are the most unique shade of hmmm I could call it maybe an antique powdered turquoisey blue? not sure what to call it, but it's gorgeous, I've never seen it before. Her flowers are all beautiful creme garden flowers. SO's going to be so elegant and rich looking - completely different than the one listed above. Her centrepieces and linens coordinate beautifully...I can't wait to see it all together.
Patti's wedding is a backyard tent wedding in the country outside of Arva....she and her girls are carrying gerbra and rose bouquets......simple and fun!!
Needless to say, they all require setup saturday morning, I'll be running the roads like crazy!

As a plus....we're short staffed this week with people taking if you're looking for me, whether it be 8am or'll find me here!! LOL
Personally.....I'm glad the sun's shining, things are too dull when it rains. I'm happy when I'm busy - so no complaints. Graduation corsages and flowers have been flying lately.
I looked at my calendar.....and I've discovered that every weekend from now until the 1st of October, I have showers, bbq's, weddings, holidays, gift shows....etc.....every weekend.
No wonder time goes so quickly......
For you Christmas first shipment of like 30 boxes came in last's priced and in the basement, I have no further intentions of even peeking into the boxes for at least a month or so. It will soon come overflowing in my backdoor....and I'll have no choice.
Merry Christmas!!

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