Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The start

Well.......I'm blogging. A couple of years ago I don't think I even knew what a blog was.
Apparantly so I hear from people......my job is quite interesting, so I've decided to give everyone an inside scoop into what I'm doing, the new things going on here at the store, and the update of the latest jobs we've done in this BUSY wedding season I've got going on this summer.

This is the first post....and I'm hoping to keep this up weekly - through the summer anyways, people always want to see the wedding flowers we're doing. If you know me.....then haha - we'll see if I can keep this up!

Anyways!! Last weekend - 4 weddings!! busy day. We had 2 in London, 1 in Exeter, and 1 in Lucan. They were all gorgeous - mostly people who let me do whatever I wanted - which ALWAYS turns out to be great! This weekend is Kelly Thiel's wedding in Zurich - it's going to be beautiful!! Purples and whites, peonies freesia etc......gorgeous!

I have a file in my office, where each weekend when I get the weddings done, I staple each file together and put in my "weddings completed 2008" file. It feels good...when I've been working on all of these (on paper anyways) for so long, to be able to actually do the work and then have it completed - successfully. Lately though - we're booking as many new as I've been putting in my "done" file!
Each week, I'm getting as many new last-minute bookings for this summer as I finish!

It's great though - I love doing wedding flowers for girls.....it's their big day - everything's gotta be perfect!
Personally....on my end - there's not a whole lot new with me. My Isabelle will be 15 months on July 1...and just started walking last week. LOOK OUT! she's all over and into everything. She's a goer...but considering I was doing 80-90 hours a week before she was born - what can I expect right?
For a laugh.......Exeter is participating in "Communities in Bloom" this year, so I want to make sure that (since I own the flowershop in town) that our building looks really nice. I also live upstairs now, so out and around the store is like my backyard anyways. I went to Sunrise Greenhouse (they have the greatest stuff) and bought some beautiful hanging baskets, and plants to do our window boxes...etc - and it's fabulous. Up above the store in the front, there's 2 window boxes on the windows of Peter and Vicki's apartment. I found the greatest pre-made planters of annuals to fit right in the boxes....and I thought "Oh yeah!! this is great - I know they don't have screens in the windows...they'll pop right in!" Yes - there are no screens....but there are METAL BARS across the window!! I don't know what's wrong with my head - how could I forget the enormous ironwork of metal across the windows that only a hand can fit through. So - long story short - there's lovely window boxes here on the back porch - if you know someone with a boom truck, that would be great.
Above are the pics from last weekends weddings.....see you next week!

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sharon said...

Hi Nat,

Welcome to blogging! What a great start. Looking for more pics of the storefront.


Cousin S haron