Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake!!

The wedding cake is always a definite discussion point during the consultation.
A cake is tradition, so there is always someone involved in the wedding planning who feels that there MUST be a cake!!
Then there's the people who feel it's not a major deal breaker, and for cost purposes, it can easily go....
Regardless, the majority of people STILL have a cake!!

Here's a bit of information for you people who are wanting a cake for your wedding -
Yes - we definitely offer cakes and cupcake services!
No!! we don't bake them ourselves.....we have an extremely fabulous pastry chef who does that for us...we just make your life easier by walking you through the process, ordering everything, helping you design, and then delivering and setting it up as part of our full service package!

When you think about a cake, the first thing you need to determine is:
a) will this cake be served as dessert for our guests as part of our meal?
b) will this cake be served later in the evening as part of a midnight lunch?

The size and quantity of your wedding cake is completely determined on how many guests you're having, and your answer to the above question.
If you're serving your cake for dessert, you most definitely need to ensure you have enough to serve a full slice to each and everyone of your guests....which usually means having some slab cakes in the back kitchen to be sliced and served along with the display cake.

If you choose to serve your cake later in the evening......estimate that only 2/3rds of your guests will partake, some will have gone home, some won't feel like it, and some will be on the dance floor not even knowing you've served it yet!!

If you're serving your cake for dessert - choose to go with 1 flavour all the way across the board, this way, nobody's checking out the person next to them's plate and wondering why they got carrot instead of your vanilla.
If it's later in the evening, go for a different flavour in each tier of your cake!!! That way you can offer a variety served up, and if there's leftover, you'll have some different choices for yourself.

Here's the Trend.....
It's not just about the cake - it's the cake table

With our brides, I'm finding that most people are going for a very simple cake in itself, but we're making the entire 'cake table' a display piece....a thing of beauty!! With gorgeous cake stands, flowers, candles - you name it!
What else is happening?? Cake and Sweets tables!! Not only is your cake the centrepiece, but it's accompanied by many treats, candies, carmel apples, cupcakes, the guests check it out immediately when they arrive......and they talk about it for weeks afterwards!

I LOVE the wedding cake, picking out the designs and executing a fabulous table display....
I've gathered up a pile of my favourite cake and cake table pictures that I've been drooling over lately....waiting for the right customer to walk in the door to suggest them to - so here they are!
One of the most fabulous cake tables!

Multiple cakes on a table

BEAUTIFUL modern black cake

Love the washtub stand

Perfect for an outdoor wedding!

Grey Wedding cake - super popular right now

This would definitely be 'high end' but how gorgeous!!

Vintage Style Cake

LOVE the table underneath

Add caption

Perfect for all of the burlap weddings!

Suspended wedding cake - how amazing is that - heads up though - cakes are HEAVY

Top cake with cupcakes - very popular option

The other debate....fake or real cake??
My opinion - go with real.
The majority of the cost associated with a cake is in labour to decorate NOT the ingredients.....spend a LITTLE bit more, and have something to keep afterwards, freeze for a year, or serve the next day at brunch.
Debating a cake - it's worth it!!

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