Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Beauty of a Tent Wedding

Things are buzzing in the shop these days....everything getting lined up for the summer, and it seems that there's a non-stop flow of brides floating in the door to get some pretty amazing things lined up for the upcoming wedding season!
Thanks to all the girls that visited the store yesterday - it was a fabulous day!

The only downfall is that meetings don't make for fabulous photos! So I've decided in the meantime to source out some professionally done photos of our previous work to give you something great to look at!

We are pretty pumped about our new store front, featuring Willow Valley and the amazing housewares they offer.....which we'll be featuring on the blog next week.  Absolutely incredible things for bridal registry!

For now though - many thanks to Deb at DLS Photography for these!

The Ceremony Arch, pre-ceremony featuring 'The Dress!'

Aisle Markers on Shepards Hooks

Buckets of flowers on the Fence Posts

Each Tent Pole was wrapped in greens, willow branches, twigs, and magnolia, with hanging crystals and candles

Bridal bouquet: Faith and Sahara roses, hydrangeas, freesia, and garden greens


Table Centrepiece, a platform of pillar candles sits atop a ring of matching garden flowers

The night look

Have a great Sunday!

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ishika patel said...

wow all items pics are so nice.
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