Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Pinterest Effect

So this website called.....Pinterest?? Heard of it before?? Haha. If you follow a blog like ours - I would assume that word isn't new to you.
I probably heard about Pinterest almost 2 years ago from one of the girls working for me during a summer - and in all honesty, when she first explained to me the whole concept of the website itself - I really couldn't understand the draw.
It may be because of the fact I just didn't think I had the time to sit and look at pretty things, when I'm usually doing as much of that - hands-on-style - as I possibly can during the day anyways....so I just sort of let it slide -
However - I continued hearing about this site OVER and OVER, and then from all of the brides I talk to asking me if I'd 'Seen this on Pinterest' (which I hadn't of course)
Finally a friend decided I needed to 'get with it' and signed me up - I reluctantly went with the flow of it, but never bothered to really spend the time looking at it......
Anyways long story short - I'm now hooked - like a big fish.

The benefits to us are ENDLESS!!!! All of the numerous brides we work worth from afar via email can now simply send us a link to their Pinterest boards, and I can instantly see exactly what they're thinking for the big day.  Not only for our own brides, but for ourselves!!! Every morning when we all roll into work, one of the first topics we touch on - is what we saw on Pinterest the night before, which keeps us inspired to create!

It has definitely kept our hand and creative juices flowing - seeing as almost everything is available and sitting right now in the workroom of our shop! We have hundreds of rolls of ribbon, beads, moss, jewels, hanging gems, materials, artificial flowers, all of the beautiful little adornments you see dress up each and every trinket on the screen, just sitting waiting to be made into a brand new creation.

For myself it's almost a curse.  Now my mind never stops thinking about 'wedding stuff'
So I've decided that a great place to show you the latest things that are driving me crazy....the things I can't wait to create.....the stuff I dream about doing -would be right here on our blog!
We're also already working on creating numerous things you see on Pinterest - different wedding seating charts, card boxes, frames, ceremony backdrops - you name it!! So stay tuned for photos of our latest items you can rent for yourself!

AMAZING Enchanted Forest Setting! What a dream!
The mossy dreamy earthy rustic theme!! Check out these photos which would be perfect inspiration for an 'Enchanted Forest' themed celebration:

Moss covered 'Card' Mailbox

We're going to make this frame to rent out!!

A Gorgeous Moss covered Table - Sheet Moss - we LOVE this stuff!

the vintage barn setting....
we started seeing the 'barn thing' last year, and wow has it taken off!
we are definitely looking forward to the coming wedding season and the pile of barn weddings we have lined up - all gorgeous in their own unique way.
we discovered a new use now, for the tons of wodden crates, sap pails, old mason jars, and antique window frames and door frames we've had lying around in the basement!


Love the wreath on the wall...looking forward to doing that this summer!

BEAUTIFUL card box, we have one of the workbench right now - almost finished!!
just a little taste of the looks we're crazy about right now!
excited to incorporate these looks into the upcoming season!
Follow Natalie the owner on Pinterest to keep track of what we're doing!

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