Monday, January 28, 2013

Baby's Breath Wedding - Are you Kidding Me?!?!?!

Baby's Breath- Brides asking me for baby's breath.......
If you would have told me 5 years ago that baby's breath would become one of the most popular wedding flowers, I would have literally laughed in your face.
I can honestly say never in a MILLION years would I have ever dreamt it would be one of the most requested additions to wedding decor.

Baby's breath had gone the way of the carnation........
"Are there any flowers in particular you're looking for for your wedding, any favourites you'd like to include??"
and the response was usually
"Absolutely no carnations - and no baby's breath!!"
(Which - I'm actually a born-again carnation fan......they're not as bad as you think they are - perhaps another blog topic for the future)

So - let's start at the beginning - the bouquets!!

Baby's breath with other flowers - or just on it's own - fabulous!! simple and soft!

So then we get to there ceremony - and did anyone realize how fabulous and how many options there are to decorate your ceremony with baby's breath???
First you have the rustic/vintage themed look - which is probably the most popular theme that baby's breath is requested for -

Down the aisleway in old tin sap pails

A rustic Arch to stand under!

Don't be fooled - you'd be shocked at the more high-end and high-style decor Baby's Breath can be a part of .......this is one of my favourite ceremony sites with it!

Amazing - with the black vases/containers!!

Ever seen a more beautiful setting?!?!

 And then we get to the reception site - for table centrepieces and arrangements - just gorgeous!

And if putting balls of baby's breath on top of huge glass vases is to boring for you.....suspend it in huge spheres above the table!!

And if you're open for suggestions - and absolutely love it more than anything else....why don't we just figure out EVERYwhere else to use it we possibly can -


So - Have I convinced you yet???!?!
Whether you put it in a barn with rustic pails and make it vintage - or dress it up in fabulous black vases for the most elegant and couture event possible - it works in every which way!

Last summer was the first time we were asked to use it, and we're definitely looking forward to all of the fabulous baby's breath creations we'll be putting together this summer!!
I can't help but wonder what new trends will be coming back around again in the future.....
Beware though!! Biggest misconception about baby's breath - is that it's CHEAP!!
You're the stem, it's extremely reasonable in price, and you can get a lot for your money, however.....when you need enough baby's breath to create a 3ft wide solid ball of it??
It takes a lot of stems!
But it's worth it!!

Happy Monday!

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