Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Well... not actually - i just wanted to use that film title for fun!!

We did however have 4 weddings this past weekend - all of which turned out absolutely beautiful - of course. As you read last week about our Peony battles .. we would like to report that we did preserver - and all four weddings had beautiful and full peonies that were TO DIE FOR (it also does help that peonies are my personal favourite!)

This weekend was also a first for our newest family member - Ashley Denomme!! I have included an adorable picture of her below grooming some bouquets. We'd like to welcome Ashley warmly via our blog - she fits into our team like a gem!

Natalie's friend Shauna was also kind enough to come out on Saturday and give us a hand! It was great meeting her - and I wanted to give her a shout out as I hear she reads the blog -  its always good to hear I am not just talking to myself on here - thanks for reading Shauna!!

Below are the bouquets of Andrea, Justine, Sarah & Jennifer - take a peak - their beautiful! We also did gorgeous tall centerpieces (in pilsner vases) for each of these ladies but unfortunately I was too busy to snap shots of everything - next time!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful bouquets!!

Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful! I feel like I should be able to smell them...great pictures!

Peacock said...

The first bouquets have a fabulous colour combination! It made me smile. Keep up the good work.