Friday, May 27, 2011

Leah & Harris are Getting Married Today!

Natalie had fun designing these flowers yesterday - a very simple but elegant order from Leah & Harris. These pieces turned out so lovely that all of us girls wanted to take one home for ourselves! (Don't worry we refrained - and all pieces were ready for Leah when she came in this morning to pick them up..)

You will start to see the beautiful peony flower appear in our June wedding designs (these little suckers have given us a bit of a run for our money this year). Peonies have a hard time in a rainy spring, and I'm sure we can all agree that this spring has been a bit TOO RAINY, making it hard for us to get our peonies to open up and look as beautiful as these ones do for Leah. Wish us luck in the month ahead with our peony battles.

Other flowers to note in this bouquet are the beautiful green hydrangea's and faith roses that make Leah's bouquet elegant and soft! We hope that Leah & Harris have an amazing day with many great memories ahead!

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