Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Gorgeous Bellamere Winery Wedding

Last weekend was filled with three different colour palettes! Blue, Purple and Pink! Each wedding was unique and gorgeous. With one wedding in London at the lovely Bellamere Winery, one close to home in Zurich and the other at Hessenland Inn - we were delighted to see all go very smoothly and turn out perfectly!

Robyn & Greg got married at the Bellamere Winery on Saturday. Robyn chose eggplant and bright purples for her colours and the flowers came in so beautiful - we were very impressed with the purple hydrangea - it was stunning! Check out some of the great pieces that Natalie and our crew were able to make up for Robyn & Greg below!

Amy & Nico got married near Zurich! Amy chose funky white and black feathers as an addition to her fun pink and white bouquets. Check out the great bouquets that we designed for Amy & Nico below!

Jennifer & Nigel got married at Hessenland Inn! Jennifer chose a nice soft blue to mix in with her flowers which looked great. We were able to create a beautiful well table arrangement, cube centers and great bouquets for Jennifer & Nigel that are shown below!


Tiffany said...

Wow!! Gorgeous flowers, and great pictures!!

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