Thursday, July 14, 2011

July 9th - Beautiful Weddings with Beautiful Weather!

We were busy yet again this past weekend with 4 wonderful weddings - but I have to say - we are the queens of being busy - its what we do!

Natalie, Gale, Tammy & Brydena were the names of the brides we had the priveledge of working with when preparing the flowers for July 9th. With one wedding in London, one in Grand Bend, and the other in Exeter - we were definitely running around on Saturday. The weather couldn't have been more gorgeous for these ladies - and we hope that they all had a wonderful day!

Below you'll find some sunny pictures (photographed by me of course) to check out!

We are looking forward to the two weddings we have this weekend - on Friday (tomorrow) and Saturday! Stay tuned to hear how these two go next week.

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