Tuesday, July 26, 2011

If you haven't been reading our blog ... now is the time to start!!

We had our LARGEST wedding project of the summer this past Saturday – and it went really well!! Some are even commenting that this wedding belongs in a magazine - and we agree.. but for now, here is a bit of an inside look at our work for Carrie & Cole.

Carrie & Cole‘s wedding day turned out just beautifully. Our team (and the couples dedicated family) spent weeks preparing for the big day – and boy did it pay off – the décor was stunning, and a huge hit!

The celebration started off with a lovely ceremony, located in a conservation area, with white chairs and beautiful full-grown trees for the backdrop. Of course we added some of our flowers to the equation by using sap pails, chair swags and the beautiful bouquets shown below!

After the ceremony, guests were invited for cocktails and live music. This site had beautiful tents set up with fresh linens and flowers on each table. Village Vines created all of the fresh arrangements you see below. Can I just say …what a charming setting!!

Lastly, all guests arrived at the reception where they were first greeted by our beautiful display of fresh and artificial floral displays. Natalie and Holly did a great job creating this to make each guests jaw drop as they walk in to find their seat. You can spot the cat grass used for the seating assignment, and some really neat “vintage” accents that make the display look stunning.

The dinner was absolutely marvelous. The hall was transformed into a complete new setting with décor covering every angle. Each table had its own design with a different arrangement, candles and flowers scattered all around it.  The head table pergola was like none we had never seen before – built specifically for the wedding - it was magnificent in size and stunning. We covered the entire pergola  with hanging lanterns and ivy - making it the highlight of the room. See for yourself the detail of each table and display below!

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Kelsi Elshaw said...

Very charming setting - I love the "pew bows."

- Kelsi