Thursday, June 23, 2011

45 years of blood, sweat & tears for Penny Watson.

This past Monday we celebrated Penny's 45 years in the business of flowers!! We had a blast together (as usual) and ate till we could eat no more at the Mandarin.

Penny has been many things over the years - a teacher to many, always a great florist and a good friend (just to mention a few). She is cherished here at Village Vines and we were so excited to get to celebrate with her - CONGRATS PENNY!


mary burton said...

Here's to Penny whom I've known sinde 1968, beginning as a next door neighbour.
She's very talented in many ways with floral design high on the list!
She's also a grandma who loves to compare notes on 'Averys'!
Congratulations on your achievements, Penny!

carole said...

Oh Penny congrats and best wishes,so happy for you......

Carole Luther

NatalieKerslake said...

Thanks Mary & Carole for your congrats! - Penny